healthcare risk management

HECARI … CIRS … What is this all about?

A Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) is used to increase patient safety, occupational safety and QoS in hospitals, clinics and other services of the health care. This system supports the growing trend of rethinking: instead of covering critical incidents up, they are to be used in a constructive and anonymous way as teaching material. The description and evaluation of such near-misses is then used to avoid similar situations in the future. The HECARI system is pursuing two major goals: the technical implementation of anonymity as well as the maximization of a user friendly, simple operation.

Especially the last point is of paramount importance because the use of a CIRS is voluntary. If there are any misconceptions in the operation of the system, through understanding problems or unnecessarily complex user interface, it will immediately reduce the acceptance and the use will noticeable decline in intensity (and this causes the loss of valuable messages).

The HECARI system is a CIRS-specialist. Unlike other integrated systems, the security and anonymity is already built-in within the basic architecture: even in case of unauthorized access to the operating system or to the database or in case of a legally forced data handing over, the reconstruction of reporters or wrongdoers is completely impossible.

Features and advantages

HECARI fits seamlessly into an existing IT environment; the encapsulation of his own data storage and fully web-based user interaction make modifications in your own systems or installations for the user unnecessary. The system can be operated on any PC with a web browser. In addition, Android tablets running the included HECARI app can be used as mobile reporting systems.

HECARI is a modern CIRS, which is operated as a web application server via a browser or via a mobile app. Some basic properties of the system are:

  • messenger, causer and other involved parties remain completely anonymous
  • strong acceptance through a highly intuitive operation concept
  • messages can be placed anonymous (without Login) anonymous (with Login) or with Login and Username
  • publication of reports can be flexibly controlled: Visibility for all viewers (complete public incl. export), visibility just for logged in HECARI user or visibility just for viewers with privileges (e.g Riskmanager)
  • interface for the nationwide KH-CIRS-network for (pre-selected) messages
  • files (e.g. pictures, audio-records) can be attached to messages
  • the system protocol offers complete traceability of all status modification
  • regular updates with improvements and new functions

The web application provides the full functionality of HECARI. Primarily using it are the (anonymous) messages and refund of the search or inspection of existing messages:

  • Operation possible via any modern browser
  • customized filters for the search in existing messages
  • easy, straightforward report process in four sections
  • adaptable machining process: messages can be revised by different users (e.g. error or test message), anonymised (basis for the publication), delegate to users and measures and reviews can be complete
  • Graphical (filterable) analysis of the overall inventory
  • flexible configuration of user roles and user permissions
  • free configuration of selection lists (areas, risk, time, frequency)
  • multilingual user interface: German, English, Turkish, Russian and Polish (more to follow)

Browsing through already existing reports and easy reporting of current incidents can be alternatively done on a tablet computer via the included Android app:

  • through a attractive concept, there is a strong acceptance to report messages
  • reimbursement of messages right on the spot
  • complete involvement of devices, that means within the messages is it possible to use the camera and voice recording
  • listing and display of public and private messages
  • multilingual user interface: German, English, Turkish, Russian and Polish (more to follow)
  • certitudes through registering or blocking of mobile devices in the system

Incident reporting in other (non-medical) applications

Wherever many people work together errors and critical events occur, others can benefit of their reporting, in terms of preventing future events. Again, the protection of anonymity, simple operation and a process of post-processing is given by risk managers. Therefore, an intended for medical use in modified CIRS – used form in completely different industries (manufacturing, trade, services …) – but very similar.

Therefore, the manufacturer of HECARI, krumedia GmbH in Germany, is highly interested in pilot projects with users from other (non-medical) branches, in which an incident reporting system will be used in the same intention. If you perceived the opportunities for the use of incident reporting in your business and you are interested in an innovative solution, we look forward to hearing from you.